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[enrai graphics]
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Welcome to enrai_graphics, community managed by douknow, nightpwnsj00, syarafire and zoetekohana.

Here we will be posting those little 100x100 pixels coloured boxes for you to use. Occasionally there will be banners, colourbars, wallpapers, layouts and yes even picspams. Each of us share a different style and focus on different media, thus you should have a nice variety here at the comm. Hopefully you’ll like what you see and if you’d like to see more then you can always watch us.


→ 1. No hotlinking! Upload to your own hosting site!
→ Textless icons are NOT bases unless stated otherwise.
→ Always credit the individual maker and/or the community.
→ Comments are always appreciated. 8D
→ Please WATCH the community. Membership is not allowed.
→ Enjoy yourself! ♥